At Gavia, we subscribe to one truism above all others:

You can’t not communicate. (Yes, we know, a double negative, but for a good cause.) You are always communicating, and the same goes for the organizations and businesses you own or represent. Even silence speaks volumes.

Gavia Strategies embraces this axiom and ensures your communication—in any form—is far from accidental or unconscious. We create purposeful, thoughtful, and conscientious communication plans, grounded in strategy and a thorough understanding of your needs, culture, and goals. You have the freedom and flexibility to implement the plan at will, on your schedule and as your resources allow. We provide additional assistance along the way or connect you with the skills, talent, and expertise to carry out your plan.

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Virginia Santy McCarver is founder and principal at Gavia Strategies. She received her doctorate in strategic communication from UC-Boulder and has ten years experience in strategic communication consulting around an array of social issues and business development challenges. Her work is published in a range of academic and professional outlets.

The Gavia

Gavia is the genus of the loon, an aquatic bird found in North America and some parts of Europe. It’s unique, stands out, and its unusual laugh-like call bespeaks a sense of humor. Much like our own work. Learn more interesting facts about loons and the Gavia Strategies team by following us on twitter @GaviaStrat