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Supercharge your communication efforts with:

  • Key messages crafted to all stakeholder groups
  • Comprehensive communication strategy to generate buy-in and build support
  • Plans and processes to reduce communication inefficiencies and enhance the effectiveness of all communication
  • A range of communication activities to support your internal and external communication needs

Change Management

Change is a big investment. Maximize your investment and ensure its success with our change management communication efforts including:

  • Strategic guidance for leadership in change outreach and communication
  • Evaluation of potential barriers and built-in rapid improvement responses
  • Guidelines and resources for roll-out and outreach efforts to all stakeholders
  • Implementation of change management communication activities
  • Assessment and evaluation of change efforts

Professional Development

Cultivate communication skills and reap the long-term rewards of more productive, efficient, and effective communication via training in:

  • Communication to foster and guide innovation and innovation strategy
  • Clear, effective, communication
  • Influencing key decision-makers
  • A strategic approach to communication efforts
  • Personal branding

  • Strategic communication for thought leaders, including content creation and management, speaking engagements, and community outreach

Rapid Improvement Events

Why wait for solutions and action plans? Through our rapid improvement events (RIEs) we work with you to guide and create an immediate response or solution to address your challenge or need. Our REIs provide:

  • Facilitation to guarantee buy-in and move stakeholders forward toward achievable objectives and executable action plans
  • Guidelines to measure goals and evaluate success
  • Embedded training and activities to empower stakeholders and teams in finding solutions
  • Model for nimble, responsive, and efficient approach to future challenges

Purposeful Communication to Fulfill Objectives

Gavia Strategies is a strategic communication firm specializing in communication plans and activities to support an array of internal and external communication needs and challenges. With 15 years of experience in the field of communication, Gavia Strategies equips and empowers organizations to engage in purposeful communication to drive improvements and fulfill objectives.